The 2017 INNOtech program features a comprehensive educational program geared specifically to wood product manufacturers. Coordinated by the Forest Products Society Southeast and Mid-South Sections, INNOtech is the leading source for wood product industry continuing education.

Advance Registration Fee: $149

Wednesday – June 14

Keynote Speaker
Perspectives on Sawmilling in the 21st Century

DK Knight – Hatton Brown Publishers
Steve Dalby – Bid Group
Dr. Richard (Dick) Baldwin – Oak Creek Investments

9:15 AM
Leadership Bootcamp: Five Ways to Optimize Your Operations

Dr. Richard (Dick) Baldwin – Oak Creek Investments
George Georgiev – IMATH
Bill Craig – LINCK

10:30 AM
Economic Evolution – Ensuring Progress

Ken Muehlenfeld – State of Alabama
Steve Singleton – Southern Pine Inspection Bureau
Brian Via – Auburn University

1:30 PM
Branching Out With Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

Justin Price – Evergreen Engineering
Sam Pope – USNR

Thursday – June 15

Continental Breakfast for INNOtech Attendees

9:15 AM
Gain the Competitive Edge: Scanning Technologies

Lucidyne Technologies

10:45 AM
Diagnosis 101: Plant Audits & Machinery Maintenance

Chris Brown – Mid-South Engineering
Joe Shields – USNR

1:30 PM
Forest Products Research

Dr. Hui Wan – Mississippi State University
Dr. Neils de Hoop – Louisiana State University
Dr. Brian Via – Auburn University
Dr. Adam Taylor – University of Tennessee
Dr. Daniel Hindman – Virginia Tech