1:30 PM

Branching Out With Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

Mr. Justin Price
Evergreen Engineering


Cross Laminated Timber, while not an entirely new technology or building material, is in its relevant infancy in the United States. Buildings built thus far have been made of foreign sourced panels, have been marginalized as experimental, and have only recently been allowed in the building code. This presentation will explore the scale at which these panels are produced both here and abroad, discuss the projected future of the product and how manufacturers will meet this demand. Commentary will include projections on regional usage, transport, manufacturing efficiency, and process improvement.


Justin Price is a licensed Professional Engineer and a principal owner of Evergreen Engineering, Inc.  He has specialized in engineering for the wood products, renewable power generation, and chemical industries for more than 20 years.  His responsibilities include construction management, developing new and modified plant layouts, designing conveying systems, process equipment, and piping layouts; and preparing equipment specifications.

Mr. Sam Pope

Unique New Press Design for Manufacturing CLT Panels

While CLT is a relatively simple manufacturing process, we’ll explore how new CLT press designs are innovating this popular new building material and might change how we manage the planer mill.


Sam came to USNR from the Coe organization where he started in 1986 after achieving a BSc degree from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. In the mid-1990’s he led Coe’s edger line team, launching its dual-fetching, high speed infeed and implementing its edger optimizer Windows® interface.

In 2000 he transitioned to sales, where he was a key contributor both before and during the Coe Newnes/McGehee era, and now for USNR. Sam describes the USNR team as, “A great group of people with a commitment to doing things right.” He has a deep appreciation for the value a team approach brings to creating success. “I have been involved in numerous projects that have all benefited from team effort for successful implementation. Each customer has specific requirements, and each team member brings unique strengths.”

Sam likes to ski, golf, fish and hike, but most of all, take his Harley out for a ride!