8:00 AM – Keynote Address

Perspectives on Sawmilling in the 21st Century

Mr. DK Knight
Hatton-Brown Publishers

The Sun Shines On SYP

The Southern sawmill industry continues to strengthen as numerous mill updates and expansions and a few greenfield projects move ahead, representing well over $1 billion of investment and helping power the 2017 output to perhaps 18 billion BF.

This presentation will illustrate these developments and incorporate recent national and regional timber harvest and lumber production totals. Some key issues will be touched on, including leadership and labor, logging capacity, and the trucking challenges confronting loggers. Timber Processing magazine’s 2017 Sawmill Capital Survey results, fresh off the press, will be available to all.


Knight is Co-Publisher, Executive Editor and business partner with Hatton-Brown Publishers, Inc., a privately held small business established in 1948 and based in Montgomery, Ala. Hatton-Brown dominates the U.S. forest products publications field with the titles Timber Processing, Panel World, Timber Harvesting, Southern Loggin’ Times, and Wood Bioenergy. The company also sponsors or co-sponsors several national and regional forest products trade shows.

A native of Alabama, Knight attended Jacksonville State College and put in five years as a newspaper reporter prior to joining Hatton-Brown as an assistant editor in 1968, when the company published only one magazine. Subsequently, he helped launch four Hatton-Brown forest industry magazines, assisted in the acquisition of additional publications, and helped establish and expand the company’s trade show division.

For decades he spearheaded the H-B editorial team, first as editorial director, then as editor-in-chief. In 2011 he assumed the less demanding role of executive director but continues to play an active and significant role on the editorial team. Over the years he has addressed dozens of forest-related groups and has a keen interest in the forest products industry’s rich and colorful  history.

Mr. Steve Dalby
Bid Group




Dr. Richard Baldwin
Oak Creek Investments

Maximizing Forest Product Resources for the 21st Century: New Processes, Products, and Strategies for a Changing World

This presentation offers a progress report on an increasingly interrelated global business to the industry practitioner, the investor, the consumer, and others who depend in some way on the forest and its products. Watershed events of the last half-century are identified and analyzed, and each significant event is placed in context in setting the stage for a revitalized forest products industry.

Some of the topics that will be discussed include pressures that have caused many segments of the North American forest products industry to decline as measured by production or employment or mill count. The forest products industry has become increasingly international since the beginning of the new Millennium, and offshore suppliers now effectively compete across many segments. A rapidly evolving wood fiber base and the increased focus on ecological sustainability have accelerated the changes. Today’s industry survivors are reinventing products, processes, and leadership techniques to profitably use the available raw material while meeting the expectations of a new generation of consumers.


Richard F. (“Dick”) Baldwin, a native of Lebanon Oregon, draws on six decades of executive, supervisory, and hourly experience across the forest products industry. Currently Dick is Managing Partner of Oak Creek Investments LLC. Dick also co-founded the Winston Plywood & Veneer LLC mill in Louisville MS that is currently starting up, and is a partner in the business.

From 2007 to September 2013, he served as Executive Vice President / General Manager for the Southeastern U.S. division of Wood Resources LLC prior to its successful sale to Boise Cascade. Previously Dick had operating authority over wood products factories in Latin America and Southeast Asia, been Managing Partner of an operator of seven wood products manufacturing plants, and been Senior Vice President of a Fortune 100 company with profit-and-loss responsibility for fifteen wood products manufacturing plants. Dick has carried out consulting assignments in many developed and developing countries including Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, Japan, Laos, New Zealand, Nicaragua, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam.

He has been a key participant in important industry innovations such as development of small log processing technology and the high-speed layup line, and has been deeply involved in innovative product mix development.

Dr. Baldwin graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science in Operations Management, from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Master of Science in Forestry, and from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Ph.D. in Public Affairs. He has completed advanced studies in Strategy and Complexity at the Santa Fe Institute and earned certifications in Mediation and Dispute Resolution from Southern Methodist University. He holds the Certified Forester designation from the Society of American Foresters.

Dick has held appointed public office as member of the Oregon State Board of Forestry and member of the Angelina and Neches River Authority (Texas). He was a member of the Forestry Trust Advisory Committee at the Oregon State Board of Forestry, a member of the Forest Research Laboratory Committee at Oregon State University, and a curriculum advisor at the Stephen F. Austin State University School of Forestry.

Dr. Baldwin regularly speaks at industry events. Within the past year he has spoken at PELICE in Atlanta, the Forest Products Society international convention in Portland OR, the Forest Products Society short course in Starkville MS, the Timber Processing and Energy Expo in Portland OR, and the European Wood Panel Conference in Hamburg.

He has authored seven books, including the recently published Plywood and Veneer-Based Products, and has written dozens of journal articles concerning manufacturing practices, operating management, maintenance, and forestry issues.